Mittwoch, 22.05.2024

Streiks bei privaten Bus-Unternehmen in Hessen ab Freitag geplant


Nathalie Arnold
Nathalie Arnold
Nathalie Arnold ist eine leidenschaftliche Reporterin, die sich mit ihrer unerschütterlichen Neugier auf die Suche nach den Hintergründen von Nachrichten begibt.

Private Bus companies in Hessen are facing a strike due to failed tariff negotiations and employee dissatisfaction. The 3-day strike has been announced for May 17, 21, and 22, and it is expected to affect several cities in Hessen. The union has demanded an 8.5% salary increase and 3,000 Euro inflation compensation for 6,000 employees, but the employer association has rejected these demands. Additionally, a previous warning strike took place on April 24, and a new negotiation date is set for May 24. The strike is expected to disrupt public transportation in several cities and ongoing negotiations indicate a prolonged labor dispute between the private bus companies and the union.


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